Some pre-history about the first Russian brides

Once upon a time, American men got interested in Russian girls as opposites to western women. Of course, at that time, it has been just a new brand in the dating market and the legend was needed.
But there were the seeds of truth as well, since Eastern European women indeed were legendary. They had many traits that American females have already lost.
At the moment when international dating and Russian dating particularly, became popular, this nationality has just survived a great depression of post-Soviet times.
Honestly, even Soviet times were depressive enough since people have been severely restricted in travelling, enjoying foreign products and many other things.
The clothes made in Russia and lots of everyday items were kind of boring too, without a possibility to choose. There were long lines staying on the streets, to buy a piece of good soap.
To be real, international escort girls were the first ones who started to live well in Russia. This is from where the fame of Russian beauty has started marching around the world.Russian wives
At that time, Russian escort girls had to hide their profession at all costs. Officially, they were medical workers who served foreign delegations and separate visitors.
Although this profession was considered extremely shameful in a post-Soviet society, escort girls had the best clothes, food, furniture, and cared to provide their parents and siblings with the same benefits.
Among western tourists, these women were highly respected as personalities who do their job. Since they also looked like supermodels, and were gentle, fun, understanding, men were ok to marry them.
The profit of Russian brides was obvious: a better place of living, better quality of goods, stable help from a husband. They could stop worrying about their parents’ and other relatives’ level of life.
The first Russian models and beauty queens have also received wider opportunities than average women: Mila Romanovskaya, Regina Zbarskaya, Galina Milovskaya, Leka Mironova.
But not all of them have used a chance given to them, correctly. In addition, they were used by Soviet government as a diplomatic international weapon, so they weren’t fully free.
Firstly demanded for their beauty, Russian wives appeared to be amazing cooks, great listeners, and all-time supporters able to go through the thick and thin.
Not to forget how thankful they were for improving their lives and opening new horizons. They had an old-fashioned thinking and didn’t leave their American husbands after getting a Green card.
Meanwhile, American women have already lost their super pretty pinup looks they were famous for. The feminist movement grew so big that femininity got unrepairable.
At the same time, they still wanted men to be the main providers, and the law allowed them to get an enormous reward in case of divorce, not depending on the reasons of it.
Therefore, for long decades, marriage with a local woman remained more dangerous than marriage with a Russian girl from overseas men didn’t know much about.

Our days: is there still a difference between Russian and American girls?

Only in late 1990s – early 2000s some Eastern European women turned to money-greedy sharks and that is when the definition scammer or gold digger has appeared on the Internet.
But there was a minority of such cases, usually connected with less educated girls raised in problematic families or in the orphanages. It concerned other nationalities as well.
A big number of Russian women were still sincerely interested in a long-term relationship and marriage. Hundreds of success stories took place at that period of time.
Not only it was the way to escape for them, but also they could express their need in a loving and reliable partner. By tradition, Russian men seriously fail in that.
The situation we are having today, is even more positive for those who are into international dating. Girls in Russia and Ukraine have got better economical possibilities.russian online girl
They received access to a better healthcare, costly organic products, but also to a high quality clothes and became able to develop their inborn sense of style and a good taste.
As a result, modern Russian girls look as glamorous as those American pinup girls of 50s – 60s. It subconsciously attracts western men and makes Slavic women so desirable.
The improvement of Russian and especially Ukrainian economy means that girls aren’t desperate anymore to leave the country or pay their bills with a man’s help.
They already travel and often have several educations, which makes them better prepared for life abroad and less dependent on a future western husband or a boyfriend.
It’s also a very good guarantee that an Eastern European girl will be interested in a man’s personality and mutual feelings more than in his material resources.
By the way, the myth about rich western men in Russian women’s minds have gradually vanished. Too many men registered on dating sites, are simple workers without own houses and yachts.
Girls are already aware of that, their attitude became more sober and they do not expect miracles after relocation. Many are going to re-do their education abroad or work as babysitters.
Dating experts find this new kind of international union quite fair and mutually profitable. Both partners know what to expect, and offer their contribution into the relationship transparently.

What’s your forecast if you chose a Russian bride over American?

There is a long list of Russian wives’ advantages, and real-life stories add new points to it all the time. Let’s mention just some of them to generalize the common facts.
• Russian and Ukrainian women are professional chefs, and it’s still a norm for them to prepare home meals every now and then, instead of going out or eating fast food.
• They are a man’s best friends and attentive listeners, even free psychologists able to detect the roots of the problem, relieve the stress, and find the most effective solutions.
• They are home caretakers. They always contribute to the comfort and special atmosphere at home, clean it well, and treasure all little items in it.
• They definitely possess a lot of tenderness and genuine passion, without considering a man just a mix of the wallet and a vibrator. They greatly personalize a partner.
• Russian and Ukrainian wives are loyal and devoted not due to very conservative values, but due to their big hearts and idealistic souls. They aren’t cynical in a western way.
• Eastern European women are more willing to participate in a family budget than western females who often separate the money in a family into yours and mine.first Russian brides
• They respect your parents and love your children from a previous marriage. Or even your dogs! They understand your emotional priorities and have a giving attitude.
• They welcome your buddies. It’s such a rare trait in a western world but they aren’t jealous or reserved, they are sincerely happy to arrange a party for all your friends or co-workers.
• Russian women combine so many useful skills, they do yoga in the morning, drive attentively in the afternoon, and bottle the veggies for winter in the evening.
You surely understand these things cannot be said about the whole nation, and such great qualities depend on a girl’s background and details of upbringing.
Christian families with many children are very common for Russia and Ukraine, they are the best source of such brides. And in any case, it shouldn’t be a spoiled self-centered Instagram model.
Every experienced dater has his own observations and his own secrets on how to chose the best Russian bride. Read dating blogs, communicate with other travellers, and create your own story!

Russian girls vs American women: what do dating experts say?

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