Not all modern girls accept casual sex. Some may have too high standards of certain restrictions. Do not believe your male friends saying that all women are the same, better find a way to ask her directly.

Family questions

If she looks too decent and modest, ask her whether her family is very strict about sex. If she isn’t stupid, she will definitely understand what you’re really asking her about, and answer to you.

Relationship questions

“What do you think about serious relationships vs casual?” That’s direct and frank enough, yet very polite and leaves you some space to remain flexible if she rejects your sex offer by any reason.

Gift questions

Who said sex cannot be bought? There is a saying, each woman has her price. The young girls students often choose to be sugar babies for improving their life level, so, suggest some desirable gift.

Experience questions

Modern girls appreciate the new experiences and adventures in Brilic dating app no less than the money or physical looks. Ask her whether she wants to try something new or experiment with someone really trustworthy.

How to ask a girl if she’s into hookups to get laid with her

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