Three categories of Russian girls and how to deal with them

Russian women always remain desirable, from their first international beauty queens in the 80s until today. There are so many legends about this nationality yet it is transparent.

Although many men go to Russia to find a wife, others prefer to have casual affairs there. Luckily, it’s not a communistic country anymore and most of women are open-minded.

However, only serious-minded men take time to learn Russian girls’ way of thinking. While the pickup art is no less important and complicated, so some research is needed as well.

Surprisingly enough, there is a big difference between Moscow girls, Saint Petersburg girls, and all the others. If they stay where they are, long enough, they gain some particular traits.pickup Russian women

How to hook up Moscow girls

Girls who were born in Moscow or moved there a long time ago, are usually ambitious, impatient to live to the fullest, busy with their occupations, and dream about brand new items.

They won’t meet with someone who wastes a lot of their time without promises to help them on their way. So do your best to present your high quality of life to them.

In a few words, they need practical things and facts more than courtship. But the process goes more smooth if you met at the nightclub and some good alcohol is involved. They are more relaxed then.

How to hook up Saint Petersburg girls

There is a paradox about St. Petersburg mentality, the elite of the artistic world lives there, the majority of people are creative, yet they drink way harder than even in Moscow.

This beautiful city full of interesting buildings and sceneries, offers a lot of places to hook up in, and even a tourist beginner can easily notice that. It’s romantic and naughty at the same time.

It’s exactly the case when a mousy librarian with glasses turns into a gorgeous dominatrix late at night. So just find the names of the clubs where you can have fun with the go to Russia to find a wife

How to hook up Russian girls from the suburbs

Girls from other cities of Russia have a different mentality. It can be said for sure they are less spoiled, and less cynical. You need to be really soft and classical for seducing them.

There are women who moved to bigger industrial towns like Yekaterinburg, and women who stayed in their province. Some nuances about them should be taken into account too.

Girls in bigger industrial cities are definitely very busy with their jobs, but they love having a beer or two after a long working day. Can it be with you, a good simple guy who offers his friendship?

Girls in the province are less busy yet more stressed, and drink more. Especially after a hard breakup or a divorce. Your best weapon is your ability to listen and empathize.

Then you’re almost guaranteed to lay with a Russian girl and become her anti-stress base. Be careful: they are too good in a bed, you may fall in love unintentionally!categories of Russian girls

Is it completely safe to hook up Russian women?

Lots of western men who practice sex tourism to Russia, do not realize the most elementary things about Russian girls, simply due to the lack of information.

• Even the singlest Russian women are not completely single. There are always local neighbours and co-workers who have a crush on them. Be careful and avoid their jealousy.

• Typically, Russian girls don’t care about a birth control, especially if they are a bit drunk. They may suggest you to wear a condom, but they don’t take pills and don’t have the IUD.

• Reportedly, Russian women may have some light-form venereal disease they do not diagnose or treat for years. Girls from the province are way purer in this regard.

• Not all Russian girls are gold diggers, but some of them are. You should stay away from high-demand models, go-go dancers, daddy’s girls who wear Gucci, and so on.

Surprisingly, escort girls in Russia are your best guarantee of safe sex. They check their health regularly and can provide a recent certificate if you request it. But, their services are paid.about Russian girls

Average women you meet in bars and clubs, are too busy, or too poor, or too ignorant to be very attentive to their health, so high-quality condoms are the best solution.

Dating experts warn about that because some western men tend to use the insemination and baby talks for seducing family oriented women. But such a strategy may work against men.

Everybody wants careless and memorable times when going to a vacation, especially to Russia where the choice of activities and places of interest is so limited. Why not to jump to sexual adventures then?

But, a common sense is needed. Although Russia isn’t as corrupted and criminal as Venezuela for instance, there are still some dangerous places and it’s better to be aware of them.

Moscow and St. Petersburg are hectic, crowded, busy, expensive, and not always tourist-friendly. Avoid big spacious nightclubs in the center, as well as small bars in the suburbs.

In these super populated and super famous cities, you should keep an eye on drunk men around, low-quality prostitutes, greedy drivers, any suspicious persons, as well as muscled securities.

In St. Petersburg, it’s easier to have safe hookups: just pickup women in the parks, squares, museums, art galleries, other places of culture. They aren’t nerds, and they won’t disappoint you!

As for the rest of Russia, we highly recommend Sochi which is a resort city with marvellous beaches, so this place is created for summer flings and casual affairs. It’s more or less safe.

It really works well to pickup Russian women in those industrial cities we mentioned earlier: Yekaterinburg, Perm, Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod. Just don’t go there in a cold February.

The temperature below 50 C cannot be romantic or engaging. Let’s be honest, even below 10 C is already challenging, so you better avoid Russia in winter, for your own safety.

However, in warmer seasons, these cities are harmless and have their own charm. Women living there, are a bit naive and very open-hearted. It’s easier to enjoy their beauty than in predatory Moscow.

Other tricks on hooking up in Russia

Every nationality has its own unique approaches, and Russians aren’t an exception. There are basically two kinds of women you are going to pickup, so let’s take a look at them.

The majority of men surely prefer very young girls. If your preferences are similar and you seek casual affairs with them in Moscow, be ready that some of them are sugar babies.

It means they like to be treated like princesses and being presented nice gifts every now and then, before they answer to a man’s courtship physically. Avoid the most spoiled ones.

It makes sense to hookup girls in Moscow who moved there recently or have simple jobs without big ambitions. They’ll highly appreciate your little souvenirs and a free meal.

Another category are business sharks who look fantastic and need nothing from a man, if it’s not a bungalow in Miami of course. They often need a stress relief from their brainstorms and crave sex.

If you have a high sex drive and are gallant enough to get them their favourite expensive drink in a high-quality bar, you’ll easily get acquainted with them and continue the evening in an intimate atmosphere.

After all, hookuping in Russia isn’t very costly at all, even in a middle of Moscow if you follow all these recommendations and your own common sense. So visit and enjoy!

Hook up Russian women: how to?

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