Top things you never knew about Russian dating

Russian people sit in their phones no less than all the others. But can you find a really hot and sincere single Russian girl online? Sure you can, especially if you follow our advice!

Let us start from explaining to you the difference between mail order brides from dating agencies and women who date independently. Lots of western men do not realize it.

  • Genuine Russian girls are very busy with their everyday duties. While some men are already spoiled by a 24/7 attention from the agency girls who are paid for that.
  • Girls in Russia often speak English pretty well and do not pretend they need an interpreter or expensive courses of English. After all, Duolingo helps to learn for free.
  • Honest Russian women do not ask you about anything, especially on the very beginning. They may tell about their difficulties in a neutral form though.
  • It’s absolutely a no-no for a genuine girl to talk to you with ridiculously sweet words without knowing you, or starting a chat with naughty hints. It’s too commercial.
  • Genuine women are ready to meet, even if you suggest to do that tomorrow. Long preparations, objections, being away from the city can be the red flags.

Of course, some of the independent daters turn to professional daters, which means they adopt all tricks of the agency and start practicing them on men without belonging to any organization.

This category is dangerous too since no one controls or disciplines them, they can produce as much scam as they want. Very often, they leave their regular job and live on men’s gifts.

But since the world economy went down and western men started to seek low-budget marriages, this scheme doesn’t work. Such women either accept the wife role or come back to a local reality.

Honest Russian women

How to catch women’s attention online

Since real girls are busy with their jobs, studies, helping to a family, they won’t reply to you often, but you shouldn’t get offended, complain, or attack them with your suspicion.

For sure, if they are always offline on weekends and in the evening after work, it shall men they have a local boyfriend. But if they missed only once or twice, they have just been in the gym or pool.

So, as more polite and gentle you are, as bigger chances you have to conquer a girl online. Nobody says you should be naive though, it’s important to balance the analysis and care.

Don’t use the mass ice-breakers or stereotypical introductory messages. Although girls use these services as well, they get interested only if a man makes them feel special.

Do not be too straightforward starting from a phone number request or other very direct questions. Women find it quite insulting, plus you demonstrate your previous negative experience.

Compliments always work the best. Even if a woman understands you copied this message about a beautiful smile or mesmerising eyes, it’s still more pleasant to her than silence.

Russian women are attached to their families. Take a moment to ask about her parents, their professions and hobbies, their well-being. Ask for a family photo as well, it will touch her.

If a woman has a kid, the extreme wisdom is needed. For sure, you should kindly ask questions about a child, but without too big promises and projects, or it will be hard to skip the obligations.

Finally, do not get too keen on virtual sex with a Russian girl. It will make her think you just need an entertainment with anyone and you don’t value her personality. Establish some trust first.

Best 3 Russian dating apps

Top 3 Russian dating apps with quick results

The number of Russian women ready to date a foreigner, is growing every year. The borderline between foreigners and local men becomes subtle, because people travel more.

So when a girl in Russia joins a dating app she is basically ready to meet anyone. Just this person should be nice, single, determined, and hopefully sexy!

No. 3 Russian dating app

Mamba simply cannot be missed in this list because it is installed on each Russian smartphone. Russian women keep on searching for a casual or long-term partner there.

Since it’s free, the quality of male members is going down, so basically Russian girls do not place big hopes in local dating on Mamba. They expect to meet nice western or European guys there.

No. 2 Russian dating app

AnastasiaDate remains super popular in Russia and Ukraine, although this platform can be called doubtful. Not only westerners can be met there, but also men from post-Soviet countries.

The database mostly contains girls from the agencies, but independent daters actively register there as well. So you should follow the recommendations from our first paragraph.

No. 1 Russian dating app

Brilic suddenly placed very high positions in a poll conducted among Russian women. It’s a comparatively new platform but it took into account all competitors’ mistakes and flaws.

It provides a big database of single, financially secure men from the West. All features are understandable and very helpful, and real meetings happen every now and then.

among Russian women

How to make sure a Russian girl wants you and not your money

The answer may surprise you but a man and his money are inseparable. Silly immature models spoiled by their dads, may want the money for shopping and luxury travel.

But all other women want a man’s money exclusively for living together normally, without a big stress, conflicts, severe challenges and lack of sources on every step.

Some men say they want a baby immediately, and manipulate a woman’s motherly instinct to keep her beside them. But what about an expensive education and brand new clothes for a kid?

Others propose to get married within a few weeks or months, just to get quick sex with a happy bride. But a smart woman knows the cost of visa, wedding procedure, and other pricing.

There is a good example that a Russian woman can live one or two weeks for fifty euros while in the US it’s a one ticket cost for the simplest roller coaster. She thinks ahead.

It’s easier to save some funds on Asian dating than on Russian girls because they aren’t from the third world country and their standards of living are already high enough.

In many European countries, a man should prove to the government he earns a sufficient amount of money to cover his foreign wife’s needs, and if she has a kid, his needs are included too.

It’s not always required in western countries, but a woman realizes it’s logical to have an adaptation period in a man’s country without much income of her own.about Russian dating

She wants to have some assurance for that period, as well as for the whole life together. She thinks about the time when she is older and may become sick. Who will pay the hospital bill?

Yes, it’s the opposite side of romance and exciting international affairs, but single Eastern European women are practical too, not only romantic. Men should take this side into their consideration.

Those ones who prefer casual relationships without any obligations, should understand they are wasting a girl’s beauty, health, the time she could spend for a serious search.

That’s exactly why Russian girls lovers want a reward such as gifts, fine dining, transportation covering. There’s nothing insulting or too materialistic in that, just life.

As a bonus to this information, we would describe the process of dating a Russian businesswoman since it’s a dream of many lower-income or prudent western men.

  • She can pay her airplane ticket by herself, but as a consequence, she dictates all details of her staying. Her schedule is severely limited by her business tasks.
  • Her business is everything to her. She either doesn’t take you seriously or plans to found a branch in your city. It means she’ll be busy and moody most of the time.
  • She won’t be committed to satisfy you in a bed in a full volume. She can hire any young handsome toyboy she likes, and she spends too much energy working.
  • Finally, her mentality greatly resembles western women you wanted to escape from. No cooking, no listening to your problems, no famous Slavic hospitality.

As you can see, buying a meal to a less-provided Russian woman and getting a new pair of socks for her child isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you. Be a true man, and enjoy your choices.

Best 3 Russian dating apps and your best strategies there
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