Dating Korean Women: Free Whatsapp Acquaimtance

The girls of South Korea are really colorful and interesting, almost everyone would like to come and photograph with them. Women in accordance with established traditions should always obey their husbands. Every Korean man, in turn, must succeed in the professional sphere in order to provide for his family. Therefore, many men in Korea work a lot, sometimes for 10-12 hours a day with one weekend and without holidays.

Historically, a Korean woman does not have to work after the wedding, but now the situation is beginning to change. Previously, even if a woman worked before the wedding, after her marriage, they were obligatorily dismissed from work. In poor families, contrary to the rules, it was very often possible to meet working women, but at the same time they were allowed to work only at the husband's enterprise, and not somewhere else. It was not necessary to receive higher education for women before, although now many people consider education as a great necessity.
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Changes in the representation of the place of women in society are caused by Christianization, the weakening of the influence of Confucianism and the economic rise of the country. The problem of women's employment at the moment is the main problem for the Korean society. Mainly, the Koreans are engaged in unskilled or semi-skilled work, for example, they work in the office, in the workplace or in agriculture. Often, women can be found in the service sector, in shops, cafes and restaurants. The work of the cashier, the seller or the waitress is considered not respectable, but quite acceptable for the Korean woman.

Korean girls have to keep chastity before the wedding, while a man can have any contact with the opposite sex. In order to get acquainted, Koreans visit special bars, where a man can force to sit at his table any girl he likes, if she is unaccompanied by a man. Girls, sitting down at a table for a man, behave courteously, for this they are offered alcoholic beverages for free. If the girl did not like the girl, then she can run away, for example, saying that she goes to the toilet. After that, another girl will be brought to the table and so it repeats until someone is lucky. Our portal provides girls whatsapp mobile number in order to get acquainted and start relationship with the woman you like.

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